IMG_8354aI live near Southampton, Hampshire, UK and write in what little spare time I have, snatching moments when my daughter is at one of her dance or swimming lessons, when my partner is working on his motorbike and my daughter pops round a friend's. It's not ideal but I've learnt that trying to put aside specific time to write just doesn't happen. Life, my business, and family get in the way. So I write where and when I can, and always keeping a notepad in my bag - just in case.

I've always enjoyed getting lost in a book and read widely from across the genres. I don't have a particular type of book. I think my choices are quite eclectic - from the classics to sci-fi, adventure to crime, historical to contemporary. The only common factor of my 'favourites' is that they are all utterly engaging stories with strong and interesting characters.

As a child, my sister and I were encouraged to write reports on what we had done each day on holiday. These were usually notebooks filled with postcards, cut outs from leaflets and brief information about the places we had visited. I enjoyed doing them and later at school won prizes for my project work. It was hardly surprising then that I went on to follow a career in graphic design, getting into art college early at the age of sixteen for four years of typography, advertising and general design.

I always enjoyed English at school but going straight to art college meant I didn’t get the chance to do A-levels. However in my mid 20s I went to evening classes and did a language and literature combined course - and that was the start of my love of creative writing. After the course I joined a creative writing class, and one term in entered a short story writing competition with one of the major national writing magazines. To my surprise, I won first prize and that proved to me that I had some talent. The creative writing course I was on was very gentle in it's critiques so I joined Havant Writers' Circle. I also felt short story writing wasn’t enough and set about writing a novel. It was a steep, long learning curve.


I will be forever grateful for the people I have met on my writing journey, most of whom I have known for nearly 20 years. Several of us from Havant Writers Circle, who could no longer make the meeting, went on to form a splinter group. We worked hard to help each other become the best that we could be and Pentangle Press grew out of this alliance.

The genre for my books is psychological suspense. As a child I thoroughly enjoyed books such as Enid Blyton's Adventure series where the children had to work out what was going on and get themselves out of danger. Perhaps this is the root of my decision to write in the genre I do. I like to explore how ordinary people cope when they are thrown into extraordinary situations, when crime infringes on someone's life and where, through no fault of their own, a character is forced to confront situations they have no idea how to deal with.


Book launch at Blackwell's book shop, Portsmouth

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