Finding the ‘Write’ time

SolutionsAs a mum, working full time in my own business, and with elderly parents that have recently needed some help, finding the time to write can be virtually impossible. Over the years I have struggled to set aside hours to work on my writing and as a consequence the novel has, frustratingly, taken an excessive amount of time to finish.

It was a New Year’s resolution that changed things and helped me get to publication. At a writing group I was complaining about not achieving much writing that year while the rest of the group had. One of the group suggested that as a New Year’s resolution, I simply work on my writing for just half an hour a day. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, which are normally about giving up something, but this was about adding something that I really wanted to do. But what could I possibly achieve in such little time? The answer proved to be ‘a lot’.

Squeezing in that short space of time turned things around. I could force in half an hour while my daughter was at one of her dance or cheerleading clubs. Sat in the car with my laptop propped against the dashboard, I could maximise the time – and if the class ran over, even better! With working only sporadically, my biggest issue was always remembering where I was in the story and the essence of the characters. Quite honestly I didn’t know my characters because I didn’t spent time with them. Suddenly by doing half an hour a day everything was always fresh, the whole thing became more manageable, and within a year the novel was thoroughly edited and ready for publication.

So, if you’re struggling with time why not set yourself a challenge of maximising just half an hour a day? You don’t have to wait until New Year to do it. And you’ll be surprised how much you get done.

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